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About DDTC


About DDTC

Most of the DDTC members use their leisure time to stay involved in dog-related activities, and many members and their dogs are accomplished in a wide variety of “specialty” areas of dog training. Members and their dogs have over the years earned many titles from AKC and other organizations, including Champion of Record, obedience titles, tracking titles, field and hunting titles, herding titles, earthdog titles, drafting titles, water titles, agility titles and now scent work titles. This diversity of interest and high level of achievement by members of DDTC help to make an association with the club rewarding and enriching for both newcomers and long-time dog fanciers.

DDTC has general membership meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, except July and August, at 7:00 p.m. at locations published each month in the club newsletter, Ring Ropes. Programs or presentations of interest to our club members follow the business meeting, and all interested persons are invited and encouraged to attend. There is no fee for visitors attending.

Interested in meeting club members and learning more about the club? Click here for information on our Monday "Club Nights" held at Chestnut Park in Davis at 6:30 pm.


Members may download the Club reimbursement form HERE


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